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Friday, March 31, 2023

The March madness of European football

NCAA ‘March Madness’ begins today, the knockout stage of american college basketball championship. The tournament is one of the most gigantic events in Yankee sport, bringing together very high numbers of spectators during the three weekends in which it is held. But so is “March madness”. known for the traditional “bracket” performed by millions of fans every year.

This is nothing more than a personal prognosis predicting the winners of each cross between 64 participants through the six laps that compose it. Generally, Over 90% of the tips are out of date after the first round and no one has ever hit the mark with the 63 games which are disputed

On the occasion of the celebration of this mythical tournament, At MARCA we wanted to make our own version with European football as the protagonist. Taking the conference model of the NCAA as a vague example, we split Europe into a total of 16 regions, picking two teams per region and taking on the 32 shortlisted in our particular ‘parenthesis’.

selection criterialike those of the American university league itself, They are not as scrupulous as you would expect. being a combination of tradition, present and mystical behind each club. Both nationally and continentally.

And now it’s your turn. We have prepared an interactive ‘parenthesis’ in which You can predict the winner of each crossroads until you reach the grand finale. Decide the future of the 32 participants e Share your complete “band” with our social networks. Who is the better team in this “March madness” towards Europe and why?

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