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"Messi and I went to talk to Neymar and told him: ‘Ney, if you want to win everything, stay"

ANDthe player of Guild, Luis Suárez, was interviewed by Placarwhere he talks about theMSN’ that he, Messi and Neymar trained at Barça. A review of the main issues touched by the attacker:

The trident, good for all three: “For us, Messi was the best in the world and for me Neymar was the second best, but they helped me win the Golden Boot. I will always be grateful to them. It is further proof that three stars together can play in the same team with the goal of winning for the team, not individually. And I think that’s what made us better and good teammates.”

They wanted Ney to stay: “If Neymar had stayed at Barcelona he would certainly have won a Ballon d’Or. My opinion is that if I had stayed he would have won.”

Time to go: “The team needs a 9. And Neymar and Messi in this case came, they watched… I told them I would come to win, be successful and achieve important things. It wasn’t enough for me to argue with Neymar about who will take penalties, nor am I going to contest with Messi taking free kicks” he commented recalling his former teammates. If their relationship on the field was excellent because when one didn’t finish another did it, or when one didn’t help another he did it, the relationship off the field was the same. “Off the pitch, when we got together to drink mate -Neymar didn’t drink mate-, but when Messi and I drank mate and he came to sit down, we talked about all kinds of things.”

Bittersweet taste for Neymar’s farewell: “I didn’t really like talking about it, but there came a moment when it was already a big ball, so we went to talk to Neymar and we said to him: ‘Ney, if you want to win everything, stay here with us. “There are all circles which are sometimes difficult to control. We, as friends, advise him to stay, but it is his decision, that of his family. We said: ‘Neymar, England is better. [Manchester] City, that football will be better there. But in France?'”

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