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Juve’s debt to Dybala: "they still owe me money"

I don’t remember when my last salary was paid, but I know very well that the Juventus He still owes me money,” he said Paul Dybala to the Guardia di Finanza, current Roma player after leaving Turin last summer.

Juventus continues to be investigated for the ‘Prisma operation’, which investigates Juventus’ financial statements from 2019 to 2021 and for which 12 people have been charged, including former president Andrea Agnelli.

“When we made the salary change agreement, we knew that if I still had a contract, the back wages would be paid in addition to the next ones, if I left, they would have to pay me right away. I know that in April From 2023 Juventus has the last chance to pay those 3 million more or less otherwise my lawyer will make requests in writing even if I hope I won’t go that far I want my money back but without filing a lawsuit avoiding problems and the Juventus”, explains the player’s lawyer, Luke Ferrari.

In the case of Dybala we are talking about the second season (2020-21) and the 3.7 million that he has not yet taken refer to deferred monthly salaries. A debt that can continue to create problems for a Juve that never ceases to be at the center of controversy.

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