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Bayern mess after publication of Nagelsmann’s tactical plans

Ibig fire in Bayern. Julian Nagelsman publicly showed his indignation afterwards sports image has published a detailed report on your team’s tactical plans.

The German medium showed the original documents that the technician of Bayern delivered to its footballers, in which the mission that each one has to carry out tactically, as well as their specific path, is explained in great detail. The images are accompanied by some notes in which what the technician calls the jokerwhich is the wildcard wing in charge of creating superiority in the lines with his movements.

Loss felt very bad Nagelsman which was very sensational in his appearance in front of the media: “It annoys me a lot. The person who broadcasts this harms each of the players, it is not the goal. What is the person who broadcasts this looking for? What is he waiting for? I don’t see what his motivation may be, as well as making the task easier for the opponent”.

Nagelsman He knows it will be very difficult to find the stealthy: “Moles are a protected species. Every time you drive through the countryside you see 80,000 moles and you can’t get rid of them. Searching for them is very, very complicated.”

The coach understands that what happened is a betrayal of football codes: “I’m trying to find out what the reason is. It’s always important for me to be able to look in the mirror in the evening, treat my players and my fellow coaches well. I hope this person can’t look in the mirror because it’s not right.

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