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Where is Malaysia Flight MH370 Debris Hunter Blaine Gibson now? what we know

Netflix’s latest documentary, MH370: The Missing Plane, investigates the aviation secrets of the Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared on March 8, 2014.

The Boeing 777, carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew, was en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when its radar communications went dead and it suddenly changed course. The plane was never found.

There are several people speaking about the event in Netflix’s three-part series, and Blaine Gibson is one of them.

Gibson, a former Seattle attorney, found a lot of debris from MH370. As of December 2016, 33 pieces of debris have been found and three of these have been positively identified as having come from the aircraft.

Debris washed up in several places. The first piece of wreckage was found off the coast of RĂ©union Island in the Indian Ocean in 2015, with other pieces also found in Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, Madagascar and Mauritius.

Gibson and Richard Godfrey, a British engineer, have made it their mission to try to find an answer to the disappearance, and Gibson has spent years traveling around the Indian Ocean and surrounding areas in search of wreckage from MH370.

In 2016, Gibson recounted CNN that he was keen to keep looking for MH370: “Until I or someone else finds the plane and the truth of what happened to it and the passengers, [I’ll keep going]. The search must go on, it cannot stop when the existing search area is exhausted. We have to solve this mystery.”

The official search for the missing plane covered a distance of 46,000 square miles, but authorities from Malaysia, China and Australia were unsuccessful in locating it. The search was called off in January 2017.

Sky News reported in December 2022 that Gibson and Godfrey had found a piece of debris in Madagascar, they believe the debris is part of the aircraft door, and they found it in the possession of a fisherman in the area.

Gibson and Godfrey believe the new debris shows the plane crashed intentionally by a pilot.

According to a report by The times, Still scavenging for debris, Gibson lives out of a suitcase as he travels across Southeast Asia. He spoke to the publication from an undisclosed location in December 2022.

Gibson has kept his whereabouts secret since 2016, having received many threats when he began searching for MH370 wreckage.

In his conversation with The timesGibson shared that he had found more debris, which he believes to be from MH370: “Now I have more debris, it’s starting to heat up again and with the prospect of a new search taking the plane.” and might find the truth, some people worry a lot.”

Gibson has been plagued by death threats and trolling for years, but he told the publication he tries not to let it sway him: “They just wreck me and try to weaken my credibility, even though I’ve only collected debris from a fisherman.” , who had it in his garden for five years and didn’t know what it was.”

He added: “There are certain elements in Malaysia, mafia types that seem very much against me and against the search and my efforts. I was defamed, persecuted and intimidated by them, but that didn’t stop me. It just pushed me underground.”

Although Gibson chose to remain underground for his safety, he did appear in the Netflix documentary where he spoke about his discoveries.

MH370: The Missing Plane is now available on Netflix.

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