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"wheel of fortune" Fans are questioning the show about the candidate’s money "disappeared"

wheel of fortune Viewers scratched their heads when a contestant who appeared to have done reasonably well had her winnings removed from the game.

Carla, who made an impression with her playful and unforgettable yellow shirt, had collected $6,750 when her prize screen suddenly reset to $0 for no apparent reason.

But the next time she came on screen, her winnings were $1,450.

Carla had tried to guess the riddle in the “Thing” category and was looking for “A Warm Evening Breeze”.

After hitting $6,750, she mistakenly typed “d” and lost her draw, giving her two opponents a draw chance. But they couldn’t put letters on the blackboard either.

When it was Carla’s turn again, host Pat Sajak hinted that she had $0 despite not ending up on a bankrupt wedge.

Carla tapped “g” to get $700 and said to her, “Well, you got some money back, $700.”

After Carla bought the vowel “i” for $250, she ended up on an express wedge. After correctly guessing “m” for $1,000, she decided to use the express privilege to solve the puzzle.

However, her total win was only $5,200, significantly less than the $6,750 she had at the start of the round.

Fans watching at home were left very confused after trying to solve the math and wondered if at’s team made an editing error wheel of fortune.

A viewer tweeted: “Watched with my daughter tonight. A woman named Carla solved ‘A Warm Evening Breeze’. On her first letter, she turned $3,500 and got 2 Rs for 7,000 and bought a vowel. You missed a letter. Then she remembered. She got $1,000 Express and redeemed, but her $6,750 disappeared.”

Other called: “What happened to this lady in yellow’s money? She had already won 7,000 and then it was deleted.”

One third commented: “What happened to the woman in yellow’s money tonight?”

And a fourth continued to write The Wheel of Fortune official Instagram page: “I don’t understand tonight’s show… Where the heck did her $6750 go? … She should have totaled $30,149. But because they wiped out her money in the evening breeze for no reason and only gave her the $5200 and the travel amount of $7799, bringing her to a total of $24,399.”

The viewer continued: “My mum thinks the editor screwed it up and there must have been a whole round that wasn’t televised and didn’t write any letters on the board because no more came up that I didn’t see . My mother watched it again several times. I watched it nine times thinking I missed something. We’re on the West Coast (Pacific Standard Time), does anyone else notice???”

news week contacted wheel of fortune representatives for comments.

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