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What time is it "Power Book II: Spirit" Season 3 is out – episode guides and more

Power Book II: Spirit is back for a highly anticipated third season.

The Starz Show, which premiered in 2020, was the first spin-off of the Performance Universe that now also includes Book of Power III: Raise Kanan And Power Book IV: Power.

Power Book II: Spirit follows Tariq St. Patrick, the son of Performance‘s protagonist James St. Patrick as he struggles to get rid of his father’s legacy while struggling to save his family.

According to Starz, the drama’s third season will begin with Tariq attempting to return to his family and get out of the drug game for good, but the emergence of a ruthless new connection interrupts his plans.

When Brayden Weston brings Tariq in as an intern at his family’s hedge fund, the drug business expands beyond Stansfield and the streets onto Wall Street while also showing Tariq an alternative, legitimate path to success.

Meanwhile, Monet Tejada, fueled by her despair over the death of her son Zeke Cross, is willing to pay a heavy price to avenge her firstborn and begins working closely with Davis MacLean to solve Zeke’s murder and get the FBI out of her keep away.

Additionally, a shocking revelation forces Tariq to face betrayal from those closest to him, and a RICO investigation of the entire drug company draws Tariq deeper into the business and even closer to his father’s legacy.

The creator and showrunner of the original PerformanceCourtney A. Kemp, executive producer of the series, along with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Mark Canton.

news week has everything you need to know Power Book II: Spirit Season 3 including when the episodes will be released and what to expect from the new season.

The third season of Power Book II: Spirit Premiering Friday, April 17

The show will debut at 9pm ET/PT on STARZ and at midnight ET on the STARZ app and all STARZ streaming and on-demand platforms.

So far some details about the first three episodes of Power Book II: Spirit Season 3 has been revealed and can be seen below.

A new semester at Stansfield means a fresh start for Tariq; Brayden learns the basics at Weston Holdings under his uncle Lucas; Monet mourns Zeke; Cane searches for a new connection.

Tariq, Brayden, Effie and Cane split up Noma’s product to push it; Lorenzo sets in motion a plan to stop Monet from following his trail after she orders him to find Zeke’s killer. Cane investigates what happened in the Mecca hangar.

Tariq and the rest of the team need to find a way to get the product working at an even larger scale. Tensions between the Tejadas rise when Lorenzo backs Cane’s plan; Saxe delves into the Theo Rollins case.

Back to the Power Book II: Spirit Cast are:

This season the cast includes The dark knight Star Monique Curnen as Detective Blanca Rodriguez, Deadly Weapon‘s Keesha Sharp as Professor Harper Bennet, Bad mothers Actors David Walton as Lucas Weston and Moriah Brown as KeKe Travis.

Power Book II: Spirit Season 3 starts on Friday, March 17th.

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