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Prince William and Harry "lightsaber combat" shared by fans: "foreshadowing"

Footage of Prince William and Prince Harry fighting with prop lightsabers on the film set of Mock Battles Star Wars: The Last Jedi in 2016 went viral on social media after recent revelations about the brothers’ strained relationship.

William and Harry visited the war of stars at Pinewood Studios in Elstree, England in 2016. There they were guided through production workshops and met members of the creative team.

News footage from the visit shows the brothers meeting with props directors who oversaw and manipulated the famous “lightsaber” weapons used by characters in the sci-fi film series.

Both William and Harry took turns using the heroes’ weapon, which featured a bright beam, and then the villains’ weapon, which was colored red, as they fought each other.

After a brief struggle, William joked, “Here we get into a massive problem!”

A clip from this footage resurfaced on social media after being uploaded by the moviemaniacs TikTok account. The video, titled “Prince William and Harry in a lightsaber fight on the Star Wars set,” has been viewed over 600,000 times and received more than 8,000 likes and 100 comments.

A number of users have praised the princes in the video, while others have referenced the current state of their relationship, which Harry revealed in his recently released memoir. spare partand Netflix documentaries: Harry & Megan.

In spare partpublished in January to become the fastest-selling non-fiction book of all time, Harry made a number of allegations against his brother, including a report of William physically assaulting him during a 2019 argument over Meghan Markle’s treatment of palace staff.

Speak with 60 minutes’ Anderson Cooper at the time of the book’s publication told Harry that he and William were “not currently” speaking, but added, “I look forward to the fact that we can find peace.”

For his part, William has not publicly referred to Harry’s media projects or the allegations made within them.

“Lots of premonitions here,” wrote a TikTok user of the viral video showing the brothers’ lightsaber combat.

“Look who has the good lightsaber and who has the bad,” another noted, while another user posited, “They will always be brothers 🥰🥰”

After her visit to the war of stars Harry and William starred in 2016 and attended the star-studded film premiere together in London, where they walked the red carpet alongside the franchise’s Stormtrooper characters.

This isn’t the first time members of the royal family have visited film or television sets. In 2015, Kate Middleton visited Ealing Studios, where she met with the cast and production team behind the hit historical drama Downton Abbey.

In 2019, King Charles met actor Daniel Craig on the set of the latest James Bond film in his capacity as Royal Patron of the British Film Institute and the Secret Services.

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