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Perfect Match winner Dom reveals relationship status after split from Georgia

Dom Gabriel has opened up about his relationship status and may have gotten back to him Perfect matchfollowing his split from former partner Georgia Hassarati.

The Mole Star, 29, was an original actor on the first season of the Netflix dating series Perfect matchand won the entire show with his former co-star Too hot to touch the Hassarati quarrel.

Sadly, the two have confirmed that they have split since filming on the series wrapped in early 2022, with Hassarati citing the reasons for their relationship ending as the fact that they are “focused on it.” [themselves] And [their] Career.”

A second season of Perfect match has yet to be confirmed, although fans have passionately expressed hope that it will, but Gabriel has already spoken out about the possibility of returning to the series.

During an interview before the premiere of Perfect matchGabriel confirmed that he has not entered into a new relationship since breaking up with Hassarati.

Hassarati is now dating fellow Australian Harry Jowsey, who also starred in the film Too hot to touch in the past, but in a different season than his current girlfriend.

Gabriel tells news week that he is now “single” and would be open to moving on Perfect match one more time hoping to find romance again.

After his co-star Joey Sasso, who got engaged to Kariselle Snow Perfect match Finale but has since broken up with her, saying he probably wouldn’t sign on for the show again, Gabriel said, “Well I’m single so I’m doing it again!”

Mitchell Eason, who was also present during the chat, echoed Sasso’s comments and said his time was up Perfect match was so “unique” that he probably wouldn’t repeat it.

“All of the relationships that were formed between all of us have been so unique and I feel like I really learned a lot about myself on this show,” said the former The circle said Stern.

“I said to Chloe [Veitch]’I think I’m fighting with commitment,’ and I wasn’t even aware of that until we were shooting the show,” Eason added.

Amid the social media frenzy over the future of Perfect matchshow host Nick Lachey has revealed who he would like to see in a second season should the series return.

The show’s first season followed a cast of famous faces from a variety of Netflix reality TV shows such as love is blind, The ultimatum: get married or move on, sell tampa, Too hot to touchAnd The circle.

Living together in a luxury villa in Panama, the contestants teamed up with the co-star they felt most romantically compatible with and competed with their partner in a series of challenges and games.

“There are some really interesting casting opportunities — if we’re lucky enough to get a second season,” Lachey said news week while discussing the show’s potential comeback.

He continued, “I think, you know, from season 3 of love is blindBartis [Bowden] and cabbage [Barnett] both. I would love to see them try again, I don’t want to say they redeem themselves but I think they did really badly at Season 3 and to be honest I’m not sure if it was fully deserved .”

The “poor packaging” that Lachey refers to for Bowden is the backlash he faced from fans when he said “no” to Nancy Rodriguez at their home love is blind Marriage.

He took part in the first season of Perfect match but came under renewed fire from Netflix viewers for his treatment Twentysomethings: Austin Star Abbey Humphreys.

Meanwhile, Barnett must face the wrath love is blind viewers as he was turned away by his fiancee Zanab Jaffrey during his own wedding, where he was called out by his partner for ‘disrespecting, insulting and criticizing’ her throughout their relationship.

Though the contestants aren’t the most popular with some viewers, Lachey is considering a second season Perfect match could help both.

“I would love to see them get another chance at love and another chance to find their match out there. They’re both great guys and it would be fun to see them get the chance,” added Lachey.

Perfect match Season 1 is now available to stream on Netflix.

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