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Friday, March 31, 2023

Oscars photographer Lady Gaga helped slam "touches her waist"

The photographer who fell at the Academy Awards and was righted by Lady Gaga has been accused of upsetting her by touching her waist.

Videos of Gaga rushing to the aid of a man who fell on the champagne carpet at Sunday’s Oscars went viral as the star was praised for her compassion. However, in a video with 16.7 million views on Twitter, someone claimed the photographer unnecessarily touched her waist and “basically slapped her butt.”

The Twitter user who made the claim garnered tens of thousands of likes, with some respondents sympathizing with Gaga and others calling the moment nonstory.

“Why isn’t anyone saying anything about him touching her waist like that and making her look VERY pissed off?” wrote the Twitter user, @scarzonreplay. “She ran to help this man and he basically slapped her on the butt, eh????

A few minutes later, the Twitter user took the photographer’s side of the event: “Also maybe he didn’t do that on purpose, this man just fell at the Oscars and was confused as hell but all I know is that it definitely looks like she was surprised and didn’t like it.”

They then said they would mute the tweet as the replies upset them.

In the video, the photographer who Gaga rushed to help can be seen patting her on the waist as he stands up. The Joker: madness for two Star appeared to be looking at his hands, but others said she was looking at what was being picked up next to them.

YouTuber Mighty Keef praised the person who slowed down the footage to try and clarify the situation. “thank god someone with real eyes lol” he wrote. “So strange how someone can make up a whole scenario and so many people believe it. Even if there is video showing what actually happened.”

Twitch streamer @barelyyalex also lobbied for the photographer, dismissing @scarzonreplay’s narrative. “He was literally getting up from a fall. I think he just turned to the person who helped him and stabilized himself. You’re doing too much,” she wrote.

Others chimed in, saying they could relate to being put in the same awkward situation Gaga was allegedly in.

“This has happened to me more times than I can count and it sucks,” wrote Twitter Blue subscriber Morgs.

“Men don’t know what that means to us. And how many of us just turn around and DEAL,” wrote @lawsislaws, adding, “She didn’t appreciate that tip. Not at all.”

“That’s why you laugh at men’s failures and don’t help them,” @gxsellelopez wrote while retweeting the video and shot from @scarzonreplay.

The Oscars incident earned Gaga global praise and was captured from multiple angles and shared millions of times across various social media platforms.

While Gaga dressed glamorously as she entered the ceremony, she changed her looks when she later performed her nominee Top Gun: Maverick Song “Hold My Hand”. She appeared makeup-free on Sunday night and wore a faded black T-shirt and ripped black jeans. “Hold My Hand” lost to “Naatu Naatu” from the film later that night RRR.

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