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Kellyanne Conway’s daughter says Trump on Twitter "took my life by years"

Kellyanne Conway’s daughter, Claudia Conway, said former President Donald Trump’s activities on Twitter cost her life “by years.”

Trump was banned from the platform after the Jan. 6, 2021 riot in the Capitol, but last November new Twitter owner and CEO Elon Musk confirmed he would allow Trump to return after sending a question about his potential reinstatement to a had asked Twitter poll.

The poll received more than 15 million votes, with 51.8 percent of users saying Trump should have his Twitter account back.

While countless Trump supporters and conservative commentators have hailed the move, the real estate mogul has yet to return to Twitter. Instead, he has opted to continue sharing his thoughts on his own platform, Truth Social.

Claudia Conway, 18, who previously made headlines for publicly berating her mother during her tenure as Trump’s senior adviser, spoke out on the matter Thursday.

After encouraging her Twitter followers to contribute to a thread she started of “unpopular opinions,” one person commented that Trump was “simultaneously the best and worst thing that could happen to Twitter.”

“Disagree,” Claudia Conway, who describes her political views as left-leaning, counters. “I think he took years of my life on Twitter.”

The Twitter user replied “both you and me” before making his point by sharing two historic tweets from Trump. One of those tweets was posted in May 2013 and read: “Sorry losers and haters but my IQ is one of the highest – and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure, it’s not your fault.”

Elsewhere in the thread, the outspoken teenager responded to another Twitter user’s statement that religions “have way too much respect.”

“Personally, I don’t believe in organized religion,” Claudia Conway wrote back, “and having that opinion is my right, just as practicing religion is a right everyone has. Keep an open mind and don’t become part of the problem.”

“Trans rights are human rights,” wrote another in the Unpopular Opinions thread, prompting Claudia Conway to state, “Duh! Very popular opinion on my site!!!!”

Claudia Conway has targeted a number of prominent Conservative figures in recent days after returning to Twitter after a lengthy hiatus.

Earlier Thursday, she asked “who wins a dance match” in a tongue-in-cheek poll between Fox News host Tucker Carlson and the children’s book favorite Clifford the big red dog.

Earlier this week, she publicly backed talk of Trump’s indictment amid news that he was facing formal charges for allegedly paying porn actress Stormy Daniels hush money in 2016.

The former president is also under investigation for efforts to overturn the outcome of Georgia’s 2020 presidential election; the events surrounding the US Capitol riot on January 6, 2021; and his handling of secret documents.

Trump has denied any wrongdoing.

In another poll shared this week, Claudia Conway took aim at Republican Senator Ted Cruz and the GOP’s collective outrage at the green M&M’s image makeover, with the candy mascot’s go-go boots swapped for sneakers .

“Who wins in a fight?” Claudia Conway asked her followers as she pitted Cruz against the green M&M as the poll’s two options.

After numerous conservative commentators expressed outrage at the green M&M’s redesign, it was announced in January that the brand’s candy mascots would be replaced by comedian and actress Maya Rudolph for the time being.

In response to the announcement, Cruz wrote the candy company’s statement in a quote tweet: “A sign of the apocalypse.”

The teen’s parents, Kellyanne Conway, 56, and George Conway, 59, confirmed earlier this month that their paths had parted. They married in 2001 and have four children.

Trump celebrated the divorce announcement by berating George Conway, co-founder of anti-Trump political action committee The Lincoln Project.

“Congratulations to Kellyanne Conway on her DIVORCE from her crazy husband, Mr. Kellyanne Conway,” Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform. “Free at last, she’s finally gotten rid of that disgusting albatross around her neck.”

“She’s a great person and will now be free to live the life she deserves…and it’s going to be a great life without the utterly unattractive loser by her side!” Trump added.

In response, George Conway wrote on his Truth Social account: “Looking forward to seeing you at the E. Jean trial in New York next month! Hugs and Kisses.”

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