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Is Creed 3 available to stream? Here’s how to watch the new Michael B. Jordan movie

Michael B. Jordan is back as Adonis “Donnie” Creed, and the boxing champ will face his most challenging opponent yet in the third film in the series Rocky spin off.

The sports drama follows Jordan’s Donnie as he comes to terms with the actions of his past and must do so by confronting a person he feels has treated him unfairly: Damian “Dame” Anderson (Jonathan Majors).

Dame was Donnie’s childhood friend and also a boxing prodigy, but his sports dreams were dashed when he was jailed for 18 years.

Now that he’s out, Dame will stop at nothing and Donnie will have to come out of retirement to fight him.

Creed III Premiering in theaters on Friday March 3rd, fans of the franchise may be wondering when the film will be available to stream.

The film was only shown in cinemas, which means that viewers can currently only see it in cinemas.

Of course, the movie will eventually be available to stream, but it hasn’t announced when it will be released online.

The date the film will be available to stream will depend on its overall box office performance. Creed III sshould have at least a 45 day theatrical window as this is something of an industry standard for big blockbusters, however this can be extended to a 90 day window or even longer.

Creed III is a title from MGM Studios, which means it will likely appear on Prime Video first.

In March 2022, it was announced that Amazon had acquired the rights to MGM’s back catalogue, meaning it should also have the streaming rights to the studio’s future films such as Creed III.

Amazon has not yet confirmed when the film might be released on Prime Video.

They hope to catch up Believe Franchise before watching the third film will be able to do this as both can do this Believe And Creed II are available for streaming.

The two films, in which Sylvester Stallone reprises his role as Rocky Balboa alongside Jordan, are available to rent or buy on Prime Video and Apple TV+.

Believe And Creed II can also be streamed on TNT, TBS and truTV for those who have a cable subscription to the platforms.

Creed III is now in cinemas.

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